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Hello, Summer
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Spring has gone, and summer is coming.

Do you miss Wuhan University?

Well, she misses you already.

The towering Old Dormitory at the top of the Lion Mountain

overlooks every corner of the campus;

wishing the home-stay students good health.

The shy Administrative Building hiding amidst the green

awaiting the annual graduation ceremony;

longing to embrace the students who are due to depart before long.

The Old Library and the gingkoes are murmuring;

the New Library and the phoenix trees are whispering;

as if wondering whether the students study hard so far away from them.

The breeze teases the lotus leaves on the Mirror Lake while the dewdrops dance.

Lotus can’t wait to open her eyes and see the world,

yet disappointed by the silence on the basketball ground that used to be filled with laughter.

On the lawn in front of the No. 5 Teaching Building,

one by one the little wild flowers bloom.

The dog in the sunshine seems to ponder:

Why is the campus so quiet?

When will the boys and girls return?

In the burning sunshine Plum Playground and Zall Stadium stand tall,

yearning for new arrivals to Luojia Mountain

who will make the Golden Autumn Art Festival all the more fabulous.

Hence, please don’t be at a loss while away from your alma mater,

because we will soon meet again

at the foot of beautiful Luojia Mountain.

Photo by: Cui Wenjing, Zhan Chaoyue, Ye Huaiqian, Chen Yaqi & Tang Wenlan

Written by: Cui Wenjing

Rewritten by Zhou Siyan

Edited by: Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi, Sylvia and Hu Sijia


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