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Wang Jianbo——an Amazing Teacher Coloring Students’ Campus Life
Author:Chen Jiaqi  Date:2020-06-08  Clicks:

Wang Jianbo, a professor from the School of Physics and Technology, is not only an advisor with rich experience, but also an enthusiastic teacher who teaches with vitality. Gaining a great popularity among students, Wang Jianbo has been rated The Good Advisor in students’ mind.

Through students’ eyes, Wang Jianbo is an amazing teacher throughout their campus life. His elective course for junior students Structure of Solid Analysis attracts many students even postgraduates, which is beyond expectation. Wang Jianbo attaches great importance to students’ involvement, and therefore tends to focus on the interaction in the class. One of his students said, “Professor Wang’s class is interesting and exciting. More impressively, his teaching method is totally different from the others. Like telling a funny story, Professor Wang is good at integrating trifle knowledge into a complete learning system.” Humorous and impassioned, Wang Jianbo uses his own quotes to demonstrate the seemingly boring but meaningful physics theories, which helps his students understand and memorize clearly.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Wang Jianbo has to teach online this term. Compared with offline teaching, online teaching requires not only the familiarity with various online teaching platforms, but also the intensive lesson preparation with assorted teaching plans. Professor Wang chose to use QQ split screen and voice calls as teaching platform, where he teaches the course according to a well-designed schedule. In order to motivate students and prevent them from distraction, Wang often communicates with them during the class, inspiring them to explore the unknown.

Wang Jianbo’s online course

Even confronted with the inconvenience and difficulties of online examination, Wang Jianbo still has got an ace up of his sleeve. To standardize the exam and prevent students from cheating, he came up with a brilliant idea. He asked his students to finish some preparatory questions which are customized for each student. Afterwards, with their own Student ID and given requirements, students will receive an examination paper filled with unique parameters, which hopefully ensures the fairness .

Exam paper designed by Wang Jianbo

As an experienced instructor in physics, Professor Wang has an insightful view of the relationship between sub-branch disciplines and professional curriculum in physics. He tends to integrate the basic, the scientific and the prospective knowledge of physics into the lesson. Not only does he imparts knowledge in the classroom, but also educates students in their campus life. He advocates four key words for undergraduates’ development. For the freshmen, Wang Jianbo chooses the word Experience, encouraging them to explore the campus life. For the sophomores and juniors are Choose and Participate, motivating them to seize the opportunity of advanced courses and the third term to involve in scientific research. Following is Enjoy for seniors, which means the further involvement of the research.

In students’ view, Wang Jianbo is the teacher who features their campus life. If you meet this witty but responsible teacher on campus, it is a good choice to try to communicate with him, which will be a rewarding and precious experience.


Edited by Wan qian, Geng Jinwei, Zheng Yayun


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